The Blot and A House Divided

Sunday May 01, 11:00 am at Alamo Drafthouse, Littleton

Panel Discussion: The Eccentric Brilliance of Silent Comedy

Sunday May 01, 1:30 pm at Alamo Drafthouse, Littleton

Tol’able David

Sunday May 01, 3:30 pm at Alamo Drafthouse, Littleton

The Phantom of the Opera

Sunday May 01, 8:00 pm at Alamo Drafthouse, Littleton

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  • Four Short Comedies

    Four Short Comedies

    Four Short Comedies

    Sunday Sep 23, at 4:00 pm at The King Center

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    Live musical accompaniment by: Rodney Sauer

    Silly, reckless, physically daring, and downright hilarious… Think of silence as an addition to comedy, and with it, the great clowns could make an audience shake with laughter like few comedians since. This program of shorts features wonders of madcap comedies from Charley Chase, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Max Davidson. 

    • Cops (1922) Starring Buster Keaton and Virginia Fox 
      • In which Buster enrages a police force.
    • Easy Street (1917) Starring Charlie Chaplin and Edna Purviance
      • The Tramp becomes a policeman, in his own way, and brings peace to Easy Street
    • Mighty like a Moose (1926) Starring Charley Chase and Vivien Oakland
      • A husband and wife cheat on each other, with each other – you have to see it.
    • Pass the Gravy (1928) Starring Max Davidson and Martha Sleeper
      • Something like “Romeo and Juliet,” although the object of desire is a chicken.


    The King Center
    855 Lawrence Way
    Denver, CO 80204 Get Tickets